Ways to Enjoy Bingo

Can’t Get Enough Bingo? 3 Ways to Have Even More Bingo Fun in Life!

For almost 100 years bingo has been a staple in households and gaming institutions around the country. Nothing is more thrilling than the call of a bingo number bringing you one step closer to the jackpot. The 21st century has provided so many more ways for bingo lovers to enjoy the game. This is partly thanks to the inception of online bingo play and mobile apps. But what else can be done for fans of this amazing game? Check out these ideas to enjoy even more bingo fun!



Go to a Live Bingo Hall.

How about take a stroll down memory lane and visit an actual bingo hall. Most of the population these days does everything from their phone – shopping, socializing and leisure time activities. Step out the mobile phone bubble and into a bingo hall for some real, live-action excitement! In the UK, bingo clubs still boast over 45 million visitors a year – with the average gamer getting younger annually, as well.ways to enjoy bingo

Have a chance at winning real prizes, such as new tech gear, holiday getaways, and instant cash. The added fun of a bingo hall is the social aspect. Meet other bingo lovers, make friends, create nemeses, get competitive and enjoy the live ruckus and banter when a BINGO call comes along. On top of that, many bingo halls have been redone in recent years to create a more comfortable yet luxurious experience. Find anything from a ‘pub feel’ with cushy sofa seats and nice music and to a lively nightclub experience. Also enjoy the modern amenities such as tablet-based gaming and a bar and restaurant on site. Basically, there’s no going wrong with a visit to a bingo hall these days!


Expand the Online Gaming Experience.

Branch out from beloved bingo games and try a hand at some other classic card, table or lotto-style games. Classic card games like blackjack and poker can be played online for free or for cash and great prizes, just as with bingo. Aside from classic casino games, there are plenty of colourful slots that provide real chances of winning big. And a similar thrilling feeling of waiting for the call of that bingo-winning number. The National Lottery even offers an array of instant win games online, so if there’s no time to get stuck in on a long game, fun can be had even in the smallest moment of spare time!

enjoying bingo

Host a Bingo Showdown at Home.

Make bingo bigger and better by creating a ‘bingo hall’ at home. Host a bingo-themed party: rent a ball cage, stock up on reusable bingo cards, prepare the chips and get ready for a fun-fuelled night of bingo-themed entertainment. For added flair, make bingo-themed food. Maybe cupcakes or cake balls decorated bingo ball style with letters and numbers or serve classic American-style popcorn. Hosting a bingo party also gives the added treat of creating and choosing different winning patterns, betting minimums and maximums, and rules. A liberty that isn’t always there when playing online or in a massive hall.

Whether it’s from an online application, the comfort of home, or the glamour of a live bingo hall, there are plenty of ways for bingo lovers to cash in on the love of the game!

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