Unibet Bingo

So we’ve all heard of Unibet haven’t we? Well Unibet Bingo is another arm of this major UK bookmaker. In fact a great addition to their range of services.

But is this just another bingo site? Absolutely not! The angle Unibet have taken with their bingo site is to create a range of games which are very much sports orientated. This is a sports bookmaking site after all …. So the various bingo rooms have names such as “The Podium”, “The Arena” and “Grand Prix”. Ok so this doesn’t actually make a huge difference to the gameplay – but it does enable the use of some pretty awesome graphics involving racing cars, divers, cyclists etc.

So – bingo for blokes then? Yes – but there is nothing ‘masculine’ about Unibet Bingo. But nor is it ‘feminine’. Though blokes who would like to give bingo a try will feel very comfortable here. This site is in no way ‘pink and fluffy’ like so many online bingo sites are.


Are there lots of games to choose from?

There are bingo games starting continually throughout the various bingo rooms. And on top of these there are jackpot games, bingo tournaments and mini games to try while playing.

And of course Unibet provide many other types of games which you can access all from the one account. So you can try your hand at sports betting, loads of casino games, poker, and now even lottery betting from around the world.


Is Unibet Bingo good for newbies?

It’s fantastic for those who have never played before – or who have limited experience of playing bingo online. Why? Because Unibet offer 2 full weeks of free bingo games for newbies. AND they offer no deposit bingo! So you can try Unibet Bingo out without having to risk a single penny of your own money. That is when you know that a bingo site have confidence in what they are offering!!

There is also a clear and concise ‘bingo guide’ which covers the various aspects of playing bingo online.


Can I play Unibet Bingo on my mobile?

Very easily. The whole of the Unibet site can be played on your mobile or tablet.


And the promotions?

There are regular promotional offers to take advantage of. For instance BOGOF and games where you can win a range of prizes. Particularly abundant in bingo promotions are the chat room games. Give them a go if you like your freebies!

And the loyalty scheme? Well you have a loyalty meter which fills by playing Bingo and any of the side games. When your meter is full to the max it means you progress to the next level. It is also at this point that you get a free spin on the Loyalty Wheel. Each spin will guarantee some form of a win. By hitting various ‘arrows’ you can progress even further and possibly even reach the jackpot win cash prize!
These rewards increase in size and value as you continue through the loyalty levels. You can end up winning mini game free spins, or game vouchers and even real cash. If you can catch theĀ  special promos you stand a chance of winning even more amazing prizes like an electronic gadget or a luxury trip! Just pay a visit to any of the Bingo rooms where you can view your current level and see how close you are to your next opportunity to spin the wheel.


Any chat rooms and games?

There is a chat room you can access from all game rooms. Chat games are arranged and monitored by the Chat Hosts and include many and varied prizes. Chat games include trivia questions, song lines, movie characters, word games and so many more!


How can I make a deposit and withdraw my winnings?

All the usual ways you would expect from a major bookie. So debit and credit cards, Paysafe Card, bank transfer, or PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.


How easy is it to get help?

If you have any problems at all while playing Unibet bingo you will find it very easy to get help. You can do any of the following:-

  • ask a Chat Room Host.
  • chesck the bingo guides / help section.
  • visit the Unibet community and ask for help and / or look for answers.
  • check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • email.
  • call on the Freephone number 24/7.
  • use the Live Chat facility 24/7.


So should I give Unibet Bingo a go?

This bingo site ticks all the right boxes. Especially if you want to play bingo at a site which has more ‘unisex’ appeal than some others. And as mentioned above – the big draw here we believe is the promotional offer for newbies. As one of the very few no deposit bingo sites in the UK Unibet Bingo has everything to offer!


18+ only