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Once upon a time our choice was limited if we fancied a game of bingo. At the seaside or on holiday camps. At church halls or the large bingo halls in every town and city. But only when they were open and running a game. But in recent years we have seen a surge in online bingo sites. This gives everyone the chance to play bingo whenever – and where ever – they want. Twenty four hours a day.

Now for the advisory bit ……… As with any form of gambling you need to ensure you that you’re in control. The game of bingo – and online bingo sites in particular – can be addictive. Which is fine if you’re sensible. Just don’t play with more than you can afford. Treat it as a bit of fun. An enjoyable hobby. Consider any winnings you receive to be a bonus on top of the fun you’ve had. And keep your fingers crossed for a big win. They do happen. And when they do they can be for life changing amounts. But remember that they don’t happen to everyone! Take a look at our page regarding GamCare for more information.

Don’t forget that many casino sites offer bingo style games as well. The video game Bingo Bonanza is a great example of this…

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How are online bingo sites regulated?

A legitimate online bingo site will be licenced by one of four bodies:-

Each licencing body will regulate their respective bingo sites. Generally this regulation includes asking the following questions:-

  • Is the site – and the company behind it – financially secure? In other words – can they afford to pay out when necessary?
  • Is each Random Number Generator (RNG) truly random and fair?
  • Are there sufficient precautions in place to prevent minors (under 18) from playing?
  • Is all financial information protected?

If you do have an issue with a site then contact them directly first. Go through their dispute procedure. It’s a fact that nearly all online bingo sites complaints are down to players failing to read / understand the T&C. Only if you are still not satisfied should you take this on to the licensing body.


And how do I best protect myself?

Legally all online bingo sites must declare their licensing info on their home page. Make sure you can see this. Of course when we discuss legality we mean in the UK. Any bingo site can open anywhere abroad. But these are the one you particularly need to avoid.

Check the terms and conditions. A reputable site will suggest ways to deal with a dispute.

Go with a name you know. No-one can say that its impossible for any site or company to get into financial problems. But the longer your online bingo site has been around (or at least the company behind it) the safer your money will be. Yes we know that all sites have to start somewhere. That’s not your problem.

If you have a large win don’t leave it in your account. Withdraw it and safely bank it.

 online bingo sites

So which online bingo sites should I choose?

Read what we’ve stated above regarding protection. If you don’t consider a site reputable – don’t use it.

Which leaves many others. We’ve addressed the security issue. It’s now down to what is right for you.

Do you have friends or family who already play online bingo games? Its not just a matter of getting advice on decent sites. You can also play together. Many online bingo sites will have players’ forums where you can meet and chat.

And take a close look at the bonuses available. With all the competition between sites there are some very generous bonus options out there! But don’t just get drawn in by the introductory bonus. Are there on-going bonuses as well? And check those Terms & Conditions very carefully. There will often be special conditions as to the withdrawal of your money.

Beware of new bingo sites – it could be a case of ‘Here today – gone tomorrow’.

Check out some of the many online bingo reviews out there for additional advice and information. Though don’t forget that many casino sites also offer forms of bingo games. The games of Bingo Bonanza and Bubble Bingo are both great examples.

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