No Deposit Bingo Sites

What are these so called no deposit bingo sites? Is it as simple as it sounds? – you can play bingo online and win money without depositing a single penny? Surely there’s some sort of catch – isn’t there? Do these bingo sites with free sign up bonus actually exist?

Well yes – that is what no deposit bingo sites do. They allow you to open an account and then play bingo for real money – but usually with limitations. And don’t expect to win large sums – though it could happen!




Which are the best No Deposit Bingo sites?

There are only a few sites which offer this. Why is this? We really aren’t sure! This would seem to be an ideal promotional method to bring in new players. And particularly ideal for relatively new bingo sites which want and need to attract players. So if a site gives you a no deposit option it is a show of confidence in what they have to offer.

Our recommendations? There is no doubt that this has to be the following:-

  • Register and so create your new account – don’t worry about making a deposit.
  • Play in the newbie room from 6 -7 in the evening for free.
  • Do the same every evening for the next two weeks.
  • When you want to collect your welcome bonus make your 1st deposit.
  • Continue to have fun!



Bingo Date.

  • First register an account and then sign in – you do not need to deposit any money at this point.
  • Receive £15 no deposit bonus.
  • Explore and spend your £15 where you like.
  • Look for the great deposit bonus deals on offer.



Buttercup Bingo.

  • Create an account & password – deposit no money now.
  • Receive your £15 in bonus funds.
  • Play in any of the bingo or games rooms and win prizes.
  • When / if you use up your funds + winnings you can make a deposit to get some great deposit bonuses.



Costa Bingo.

  • Register an account and sign in – you do not need to deposit any money.
  • Receive £5 free credit.
  • Look around the site and spend your £5 where you like.
  • Take advantage of the many free bingo and other games on offer.
  • When you have used up your credit and any winnings you can make a deposit and move onto the other bingo rooms.
  • £5 bonus cash available only to 18+ new players who provide valid debit or credit card details. A wagering requirement of 8x bonus funds (£40) must be met prior to cashing out. Bonus funds valid for bingo games only. T&Cs apply.



Fabulous Bingo.

  • Register an account and sign in – you do not need to deposit any money.
  • Receive £5 free credit.
  • Look around the site and spend your £5 where you like.
  • When you have used up your credit and any winnings you can make a deposit and receive further bonuses.



Landmark Bingo.

  • Enter your personal details and register your account – you do not need to deposit any money.
  • Receive your £15 free bingo money.
  • Play whichever bingo games you fancy including free bingo.
  • You may play and spend your £15 wherever you like on this site.
  • Make further deposits if necessary and collect your massive deposit bonuses.



Maria Bingo.

  • Open your account and then create a bingo name – no need to make a deposit.
  • Go to the Beginner’s Bingo Room between 5 and 6 each evening.
  • Play free bingo!
  • Do this every evening for 2 weeks.
  • Cash in your vouchers and continue playing!



Mecca Bingo.

  • Create an account & password – deposit no money now.
  • Receive 7 days access to free bingo in the newbie’s room.
  • Use any winnings to play in other bingo rooms.
  • Make a deposit if you choose to do so and carry on playing.



Robin Hood Bingo.

  • Register an account and sign in – you do not need to deposit any money.
  • ‘Free for Newbies’ bingo is available between 2pm – 6pm every day.
  • Play as long as you like between these hours and try to win up to £120 each day.
  • You have two full days to win as much as possible!
  • If you enjoyed yourself and feel confident that you understand the play then make a deposit and continue to play for real.



Get £20 Free + £2,000 GTD Jackpot at Silk Bingo

Silk Bingo.

  • Register for an account – you need not deposit any money.
  • Play free bingo every night in the newbies room for 4 full days.
  • Use any winnings to play in any other room.
  • Carry on playing with your winnings and / or make a further deposit and claim your welcome bonus.



Sing Bingo.

  • Open an account – you don’t have to make a deposit now.
  • Head to the Newbies Bingo Room ASAP.
  • Play as many games as you like for a full 24 hours – winning real cash!
  • Use any winnings (and there will be some!) to buy tickets in other cash bingo rooms.
  • Make a further deposit to get your welcome bonus.



Unibet Bingo.

  • Open your account and create a bingo name / alias – no need to make a deposit.
  • Go to the Beginner’s Bingo Room between 14:30  – 19:00.
  • Go back every day for 14 days.
  • Play free bingo to win bingo bonus vouchers.
  • Exchange your vouchers for bingo tickets and game spins.
  • Carry on playing in the other bingo rooms – and have fun!



Wink Bingo Dancing Dog TV

Wink Bingo

  • Create your account – no need to deposit anything at this point.
  • Play free for 3 whole days in the newbie room from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Win up to £900 in bingo bonuses!



So are No Deposit Bingo sites the same as Free Bingo sites?

No they’re not. In the world of online bingo these are two separate perks for bingo players, though no deposit bingo is certainly a form of free bingo. Let us explain that:-

Free Bingo.

These allow bingo players (who are already members) to play games without using the money they have sitting in their site account. The vast majority of online bingo sites (though not every single one) have this facility. Why? Because everyone loves a freebie! And the small amounts which are won by players are worth it to the site operators as the games create loyalty.

Depending upon the site, these free bingo games may run continuously throughout the day, at regular times, or as occasional promotions. Some sites will give credits or rewards during money games which can be used to ‘buy in’ to the free game sessions.

In other words – free bingo is a bonus or reward to site account holders who have deposited enough money to qualify.

no deposit bingo sites

No Deposit Bingo.

The difference with no deposit bingo is that a player does not need to have deposited any money at all into their account to qualify to play. What this is in fact is a form of promotion to entice new players – no different from the offers to newbies of doubling or tripling their initial deposit. And in the same way that practically all online bingo sites offer free bingo in some form, practically all of them are not no deposit bingo sites. Very few use this form of promotion.

Of course there will be considerable limitations on these games – it will never be a case of being able to play indefinitely. You will need to register first and the win amounts will be very small. You will also need to ‘play through’ these winnings rather than just withdraw them. But apart from that there is no catch!

And don’t forget that these no deposit offers are not just limited to bingo players. Online casinos offer free games as well to their players, so if you want to play online blackjack or online pokies you should check which casinos offer no deposit welcome bonuses and start playing for free. This way you can open an account and play your favourite casino game for free without depositing any money.

Keep your eyes open and there really is a whole load of offers available to take advantage of which really are risk free! In some brands the no deposit offer will include free spins on popular slot games.


What are the advantages of No Deposit Bingo sites?

Simply that you are given the chance to ‘try before you buy’. To those people who are new to the world of online bingo there is always that initial doubt in the back of the mind. “Will I actually enjoy this?” or “Will I lose all my money before I get used to how to play bingo?”

By playing the no deposit bingo sites first – and before moving on to depositing real money – these questions will be answered.

And from the point of view of the bingo site itself? Well its a great attraction for newbies at little cost – and hopefully they will remain as loyal players.


18+ only