New Bingo Sites

Online bingo has become massive all over the world – but especially in the UK. No longer are bingo players limited to visiting their local bingo hall for a game of traditional bingo – they can now play bingo online at any time of the day or night. It would seem to be a lucrative market so it’s no wonder that new bingo sites are springing up all the time.

So is this good or bad news? Well for the existing online bingo sites it probably isn’t – more competition can mean a smaller slice of the pie. But then again, new bingo sites can attract new players – in turn making that pie even bigger.

And for the thousands of players out there? Well surely it has to be good news! The more bingo sites competing for custom, the more incentives they will all have to include. This ranges from the very obvious size of pay-outs to playability and customer support.

new bingo sites

Why play on new bingo sites?

Well there’s obviously the novelty factor – a whole new site to try out to see if you like it. But more than that, all new bingo sites need to attract custom – and do it fast. They may do this by offering free bingo games or other bingo promotions – but it will most likely be through very generous pay-outs or great incentive bonuses. They need the word to spread throughout the online bingo community that their site is worth playing – and this can be very much to your advantage.


Why NOT play on new bingo sites?

For the reason that you are placing your money – and therefore your trust – in the hands of an unknown source. Would you deposit your money into a bank which had only just opened? While many new sites are opening all the time, many are also closing down. Of course every bingo site – and every other business – has to start somewhere. But that really isn’t your problem………..

There is also the fact that as a new site there may well be bugs within the gameplay which could cause you problems. At the very least there are likely to be improvements to be made which will only get ironed out over time.


Any Suggestions?

Any bingo site mentioned included within this table come highly recommended by us.

Bingo Site

no deposit bonus

you deposit

welcome bonus

other bonuses

you play with



£5+ random bonus

£35 +



up to £5 random bonus

£300 - £305



The promotion is open for 1st time players. Min deposit of £10, valid once per household. Kaching tickets will be credited immediately after a successful deposit. Tickets to the Big Bang game & FS will be credited within 24 hours excluding Saturday. FS will be credited to the Fluffy Favorites game. FS wins capped at a max value of £1 cash. Further T&Cs apply.

10 free spins




£35 games bonus




£15 games bonus


How to recognise a new bingo site.

Usually it’s as simple as keeping involved in the bingo forums so as to hear about new sites – and get everyone else’s opinion on both the pros and cons. There are also many sites which provide online bingo reviews for both old and new sites alike.

Many people will tell you that there is also another way to get an idea of the age of any site – whether bingo related or not. Look for the copyright info in the page footer and it may have a year mentioned – this is the year that the site came online. Just be careful – many sites don’t mention a year (such as this one!) and it is possible for a programmer to manipulate the information to make the website appear older than it really is.

new bingo sites

So I should avoid all new bingo sites?

No not at all – that’s not what we are saying. We’re suggesting that new bingo sites can be fun to play but you have to be careful with your money. Have a read of our page regarding choosing online bingo sites – the information there relates to choosing any bingo site to play regardless of it’s age.

But when specifically looking at a new bingo site also check out the company behind it. If you find that it is owned and operated by an already established company then there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel confident in using them. It may also be that this site is part of a larger group of bingo sites – many of them are. It’s just the sites who appear with no history behind them at all that we suggest you should be wary of.


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