Maths Bingo

What is maths bingo? Well it is a bingo game for kids which helps them (or adults!) with their maths. The whole idea is that it makes the process of learning fun. And as we all know, kids will learn faster if they are enjoying what they are doing. Suddenly ‘maths lessons’ become ‘playing games’ – so perfect for both parents and teachers. And of course it is so easy to learn how to play bingo.

There are a number of styles and variations – lets have a look at them all…….

maths bingo

Maths Bingo in the Classroom.

We are not even going to attempt to tell teachers how to teach! We are simply putting forward some suggestions on how to play maths bingo at school as part of the learning process.

Each child (or small team of children?) has their own bingo cards. The range of numbers will depend upon the age range of the children involved, but there needs to be a reasonable number to make the game work. There will be very little card variety if only using the numbers 1 – 5 !

Call out maths questions to which the answers fall within the number range used. These could all be of the same variety – i.e. all additions – or they could be a whole range of question types. The difficulty of the questions should obviously reflect the ages and abilities of your pupils as well as the rules imposed. Is it mental arithmetic or is a pen and paper allowed ?

Don’t feel this is just for young children – questions can range from “what is 2 + 10?” to “what is two thirds of half of 24, squared, then subtracted from 91?” Ok – there’s not a lot of time in the syllabus for older children playing games. But perhaps something different for the end of term?

Don’t forget the obvious! Record the answers so you can check the winning card!


Maths Bingo at Home.

This can be played in a similar way as above but at home. No it won’t be a popular birthday party game! But it can certainly help in home tutoring sessions or simply as a way to improve your child’s maths knowledge.

It could be played as a family game or with just one player who plays for a special reward or treat if he or she can complete a bingo line or card.


Printable Maths Bingo Cards.

There are many bingo ticket printers out there. You may already have your own favourite, but we would recommend this card printer. The beauty of it is that it already has a huge number of card variations ready to print off – take a look!

Of course there is no reason at all why you couldn’t create your own!


Maths Bingo Apps.

Playing maths bingo games on phones or tablets is another great way of teaching kids so that they actually enjoy the process. The following mobile bingo apps are all instantly downloadable from Amazon – some are free and some will cost a minimal amount. The free ones do tend to have annoying adverts on them but are a perfect way to test out whether or not this is for you and your child. Can we suggest that you try one of these first? You can always upgrade to a better one later …….


18+ only