How to Play Bingo

It doesn’t take much to learn how to play bingo. It’s simple to pick up and fun to play. What makes it so daunting are the clips we’ve seen on TV. A bingo caller who hardly pauses for breath between calls. And bingo players who seem capable of playing at least a dozen bingo cards at the same time! Of course it can be like that – but it doesn’t have to be. When you first play just start with one card. The more bingo games you play the quicker you will become. And the more confident you will get. You can then increase the number of bingo cards you play with until you reach the amount which suits you.

And these high speed games really only apply to commercial bingo halls. For them the number of games played equates to the total money taken. Play village bingo in the local pub or church hall and it will be totally different. The emphasis here is more on the social aspect and having a good time.



How to play bingo.

All bingo players buy cards like the one below. It is up to each player how many they buy and use per game. Each bingo card within a game will be different.

how to play bingo

The one you see is a typical bingo card – or bingo ticket – used for playing 90 ball bingo. This is the game we tend to play in the UK as opposed to the American game of 75 ball bingo which uses a different style of card.

The bingo caller will announce what you are trying to achieve. For instance – he may say “for the middle line“. In which case the winner will be the first to have all their middle line numbers called. Once this has happened the bingo game will continue until some one achieves a full house. This occurs when all the numbers on a card have been called. Very often the game is played immediately for the full house.

So you’re now ready to start your bingo game. The game will begin with the traditional announcement of “eyes down“. The bingo caller will draw a randomly numbered ball from the machine (or bag, box etc depending upon where you are playing). He or she will call out this number. This may be called as a straight forward number. Or possibly as one of the many variations of traditional bingo calls. If these calls are used then try and acquaint yourself with them. It’s all very well understanding how to play bingo – but this is pointless if you can’t understand the numbers being called! Check to see if this number is on your ticket. If so then mark it off with one of your bingo dabbers.

how to play bingoKeep checking off your numbers as the bingo calls are made. Keep in mind your aim – middle line, full house etc. If you manage to check off all your numbers required on any one card then shout. Immediately! “House”. “Bingo”. “Yes”. “Over here”. Anything you want – just make it quick! In many bingo halls you will lose your win if the bingo caller has already moved on to the next number. And it may also be that someone else calls at the same time. Again the rules differ – but in most games of commercial bingo it will be the person who shouts first who will be deemed the winner.

Warning – don’t shout out unless you know you’ve won! Check out this report in a US newspaper about the man who shouted “Bingo” in a full bingo hall as a joke…….

There – it really is that simple. Though we do recommend that you learn how to play bingo by watching other bingo players for a few games first.


How to play bingo online.

This is in a way simpler than playing land bingo because everything is done for you. You don’t even have to check the numbers off yourself (unless you want to) because this is done automatically. Your ‘closest to winning’ cards will be shown at the top and the game stopped if you have a win. Nearly all games allow you to purchase your tickets and then leave the bingo room or even the site as a whole. For many sites you can also prebuy your tickets well ahead and then simply come back to see if you have won.

Of course you still need to have an awareness of how to play bingo generally. All online bingo sites will have general rules included – though some are better than others! Sites like Bucky Bingo and BetFred Bingo are both excellent examples of those sites which show clearly and concisely what to do and how to do it.

You will also find that when playing online you get the opportunity to win more. There are very often fantastic bingo promotions available. And extras such as bingo chat games are enjoyable as well as potentially rewarding.

And the beauty of online bingo sites is that you really can take your time and dip your toe in gradually. Try one of the several no deposit bingo sites available so that you can learn how to play bingo online without risking your own money.

There is also the opportunity to play similar games to bingo – the same idea but in a different format. For instance – the game Bingo Bonanza is actually a video / slot game but played to bingo rules.


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