Health Lottery Bingo

Please note that this site closed in February 2018 and is no longer operating.


Health Bingo – or Health Lottery Bingo – is a fantastic way to play the games you enjoy and help good causes at the same time. 20% of profits from this site are donated to health related charities and causes around the country.
They are associated with the National Health Lottery so we can be sure of a profesional, responsible and regulated bingo site.


Health Bingo – what’s in it for me as a player?

Ok so it’s great to know that you are doing your bit to help. But – like the similar Charity Bingo site – you also want to have fun and hopefully have the odd win or two!

So what can you expect as a member of this bingo site? There is a nice range of games and regular promotions. You can expect to play free bingo games, BOGOF etc. Also speed bingo, pre-buy games, 75 ball and 90 ball games and all those you would expect to see in a professional site.

Take a look as well at the latest sign up options for deposit bonuses and other regular daily promos and bonuses.


Is it only Health Bingo or other games too?

There’s a wide variety of other games to play such as slots and all the usual casino games such as roulette and blackjack. A great bonus with this site though is the ability to play ‘demo mode’ first on most of them. Not all games and online bingo sites offer this facilty. The beauty of this is that you can trawl through all the games which look interesting before you need to use your real cash. Don’t like it? Then leave it and move onto the next game without risking or losing a penny…….


Any mobile or tablet options?

This works fine on your tablet but surprisingly there are no mobile options at present.


Health Bingo Support.

You can get in touch with the team via email or good old fashioned post. But the instant option is to use the live chat feature which operates daily between 8 am and 2 am. They are safe, secure and GamCare certified.


And the payment options?

All the usual credit and debit cards are accepted. Unfortuneately PayPal and Skrill are not currently accepted.


Health Bingo or Health Lottery – what’s the difference?

Well Health Lottery Bingo is run by the same people who run the Health Lottery. The only difference is the the amount of money generated for charity. With the lottery 20% of the proceeds are donated to good causes. While with Lottery Bingo it’s 20% of the profits. Got it?

And an important point to note here is that if you are already registered with the Health Lottery then you can play bingo using the same account.


So what now?

If you like a bingo site with the option of playing various games then you will be very happy with Health Lottery Bingo. And to do so in the knowledge that you are helping good causes can only be a good thing! Click below to sign up and give it a go …..



18+ only