Funny Bingo Calls

The whole point of playing bingo is to have a laugh (well it is for most of us!). So to introduce some funny bingo calls can only make the evening even more fun. Of course we all have a different idea of what’s funny. But that doesn’t matter here. If you as the bingo caller introduce some calls which no-one laughs at – no problem! It’s just another bingo call along with the others!

If you really enjoy your bingo it’s probably worth taking a look at some online bingo sites too. But don’t expect any clever or funny ’69’ jokes!

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When does a bingo call become a funny one?

So what is it that makes a funny bingo call? Anything new or clever can be funny. There’s nothing funny about ‘Jimmy Choo’. But it sounds so out of place in a supposedly traditional bingo game. The same with ‘charity run’ and ‘feng shui’ etc.

Celebrity names always create funny bingo calls – Andrea Corr, Gok Wan etc.

Many bingo calls aren’t funny until you explain them – Snow White’s number, Sherwood Forrest etc. It may be that you can stop and explain the meaning. Otherwise it can still be humorous to those ‘in the know’.

And of course there’s risqué – ‘getting plenty’ – right up to downright filth – ‘two can chew’. But – judge your audience! The funny bingo calls you use in the village bingo down the pub are not the same ones you can use at the Women’s Institute Coffee Morning!

funny bingo calls

Funny Bingo Calls

1       :     Top of the Pops | Gok Wan

2       :    in baby’s nappy | baby’s done it | Doctor Who

3       :    Debbie McGee | I’m free (in your best ‘John Inman’ voice)

      :     Bobby Moore | teeth in a whore

7       :     Beck’s back | David Beckham (not only nearly rhymes with ‘seven’ but is of course the number he plays in)

8       :     one fat lady | Gareth Gates | Sexy Kate (Middleton or Moss?) | blind date

10     :     Brad and Jen (Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston were an item when Butlins introduced this in 2004) | Stick your tongue up a hen

13     :     treat ’em mean

15     :     stroppy teen

17     :     Posh and Becks (a stick thin Posh with her number seven playing husband) | the age to catch them

18     :     knowing the entire contents of Heat magazine

19     :     keep ’em keen

20     :     getting plenty

21     :     adult fun | my age

22     :     Bishop Desmond (tutu)

24     :     Pompey whore | did you score?

27     :     chocolate heaven

30     :     Dirty Gertie | flirty thirty | your face is dirty

31     :     charity run | go on my son

32     :     Jimmy Choo

33     :     Sherwood Forrest (try saying ‘all the threes’ in an Irish accent) | text me

34     :     dirty whore | flirty whore

37     :     one night in heaven

39     :     bikini line

40     :     naughty forty

41     :     time for fun | I’ve done your mum

42     :     Pikachou

43     :     down on your knees (for a traditional bingo call this seems quite extreme! Or was everyone more innocent then…….?)

44     :    droopy drawers | Diana Dors | Aldershot Ladies (military slang – originally ‘Aldershot whores’) | on all fours

45     :     bungee dive

48     :     man / woman bait (your choice!)

50     :     Snow White’s number (must be followed by a rendition of ‘Five-oh five-oh its off to work we go…’)

51     :     I love my mum

52     :     chicken vindaloo

53     :     feng shui

54     :     Andrea Corr

55     :     all the fives – Famous, Jackson and Renault

56     :     down the Vic (a reference to Eastenders!)

57     :     life expectancy of a Glaswegian

63     :     après ski

66     :     kinky tricks | clickety click – hip replacement

69     :     a meal for two | a meal for two with a beautiful view | the French Connection | your place or mine? | two can chew | yum-yum

71     :     J-Lo’s bum

72     :     So Solid Crew

75     :     on the skive

76     :     laugh at my lisp

78     :     lets procreate

80     :     Gandhi’s breakfast | Ray Charles – blind 80

81     :     burger bun

83     :     Ethel’s ear

84     :     Dumbledore

87     :     grandma’s gone to heaven

88     :     two fat ladies

89     :     mmmm ….. divine

The reasoning behind some of these funny bingo calls are in brackets. For the others check out Bingo Lingo for the call origin.

These funny bingo calls have been collected from several sources. Butlins introduced many in 2004. Anne Summers Bingo (no longer running) introduced some more. And a special thank you to Listopia – though some of their funny bingo calls were just TOO extreme!

18+ only