Free Bingo Games

There are many online bingo sites which offer free bingo games with cash prizes – in fact there are very few who don’t. There are also free bingo games available for your computer, mobile or tablet which can be played purely for fun. Let’s look at both sorts…


Free Bingo Games for Cash.

This is a free service offered by many of the bingo sites to their players – a form of ‘thank you’ for their custom. Now unless you are a big money player we would urge you to take advantage of these offers whichever of the online bingo sites you are a member of. Why? Because they are such a fantastic bonus and you have nothing to lose by it!

free bingo games

Really? Free bingo games? What’s the catch?

Well each site will have their own terms & conditions which may state that you must have deposited a certain amount or played a certain number of games. And you will probably need to use your winnings to fund further play rather than just withdraw it straight away. But apart from that there really is no ‘catch’!

It is in the interest of every bingo site to offer something to their players to keep them there in the long term – don’t forget that there is a lot of competition out there now! And what better incentive is there than giving the opportunity to play for real money at no cost? Of course your chances of winning will be low and the payouts on the whole are not great but – these are freebies!!

So how does it work?

This will depend upon the site itself. Many sites will offer free bingo rooms on a continuous basis all day and make their name by doing this. Take a look at Costa Bingo as a perfect example.

And one of the major new bingo sites to offer free bingo is Rio Bingo – where you can play for free-o in Rio”.

Other sites will have regular sessions each day so that you as a player get to know when it is available. And then there will those who will hold occasional free bingo games and advertise them well ahead.

And your eligibility? Again this will depend upon each site. As stated above there will be some form of criteria such as the amount you have deposited over all or how often you deposit. It may also depend upon how many games you have played or how often you do so. In other words – don’t expect to deposit £5 today and then play for free for the next year!

Another common method is to earn credits or points as you play the real money games – maybe through length of play or game wins. These credits can then be used on the free bingo games as they become available.

You can find suitable sites by looking on the Free Bingo Money and Online Bingo Halls Guide. There you can find the best online bingo halls that offer the best free bingo money deals.


Is this the same as ‘no deposit’ bingo?

No it’s not – though it is easy to confuse the two. No deposit bingo sites offer the opportunity to play free bingo games before depositing any cash. There are very few sites which do this and they do ask that you register for an account before you play. Depending upon the terms & conditions you will then receive either a number of games or length of time in which you can play for free for real money. Once you have used up your credits you can then either deposit some money and continue playing on the site or simply stop playing altogether. And no …. you can’t withdraw any winnings you have unless you make a deposit and play further. Again, the T&T will dictate how much longer this has to be.

free bingo games

Free Bingo Games with no Cash Prizes.

Depending upon your point of view you may be thinking “what’s the point?” It’s like being given a lottery ticket when there’s nothing to win! The point with these types of free bingo games is that there is no risk. They can be great bingo games for kids to play or for family members to play together. Which makes them no different from any other free games you would play for the pure fun of it, whether online or sitting around your table at home with a board game.

Except of course there’s not actually anybody to play against …….. which is why the concept can seem a little strange to experienced bingo players.

But there is another advantage to these free bingo sites. Players who are new to the world of online bingo can try the experience before they invest any money in other sites. Ok – the free bingo sites don’t tend to have that professional presentation or playability of the money sites, but it is a good way to ‘dip your toe in’. And while there are those few sites which offer ‘no deposit’ bingo, not everyone is comfortable with signing up for an account before knowing they will use it.

Free bingo apps.

There are many apps available which are free to download and an ideal way to play mobile bingo without spending a penny. Most will contain a degree of advertising but can be upgraded (if you enjoy the game) to an advert free version for a minimal amount.

So why not have a look at these Free bingo apps for both mobiles and tablets?




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