Buttercup Bingo

Buttercup Bingo is new on the bingo scene and is certainly a welcome addition to all the online sites already out there. Why is this? Well it has a lot going for it in terms of appearance and playability. Buttercup the cow (it has to be a cow with a name like Buttercup….) ‘runs’ the site which is kind of fun in a strange sort of way – the farmyard look does give it all a nice homely / cosy feel.

Which is all well and good but what will Buttercup Bingo be known for? What is their ‘signature’? There’s no doubt that this has to be the bonuses they offer. From the moment you register you will be bombarded with offers such as the no deposit bonus, welcome offer, bonuses just for logging in, and absolutely unheard of reload bonuses to keep their loyal bingo players….

buttercup bingo

What games are on offer?

There are a wide range of bingo rooms open throughout the day and night at Buttercup Bingo. All with very ‘English’ names such as Stonehenge, Big Ben and Red Bus. There are free bingo games available, chat rooms open continuously and a nice variation of bingo types – 75 ball, 90 ball, speed bingo etc.

There are also scratch cards and casino games with a huge range of slots. All these games can be played for cash or using bonus bucks only which gives players the chance to try them out before risking real money.


Is Buttercup Bingo good for newbies?

Yes – for two very good reasons…

Firstly the bonuses you get for joining. As soon as you register at Buttercup Bingo you get a £15 no deposit bonus and some free tickets. There are a couple of bingo rooms where you can’t use this but you have access to just about everywhere else. This includes the free bingo rooms and all the other games too as described above. This is ample amount to get a really good feel of the site even if you don’t get a big win with it. Important – make sure you use up this bonus because it will reset itself to nil as soon as you make an actual deposit.

Now you can start making deposits and get some amazing deals. Your first £10 or more will attract a 350% match. Your second deposit gets a 250% bonus. And your third deposit attracts another 300% in bonus funds. That’s a 900% deposit match over your first three cash deposits! And while many other bingo sites UK will limit these amounts – often at a deposit limit of just £10 – Buttercup Bingo offer these levels right up to £500 deposit levels !!! Not that we necessarily suggest that you should dive in with a £500 deposit ……. The point is that you are not limited and can take full advantage of this welcome offer to an amount you are comfortable with.

The second reason that Buttercup Bingo is very good for newbies is it’s ease of use and navigation. It’s very clear to see what you are playing and how to get to where you want to be. While there are many games to play they are well organised and in their own obvious sections.



Tell me more about these offers & bonuses …..

Let’s look at the offers and promos to start with. These are continual and change regularly and include cash or free bingo tickets as various prizes. These offers vary across the Buttercup Bingo site and include refer a friend, chat games, slot bonuses (20% cash back for instance) and many types of bingo promos. All very good and comparable with other bingo sites.

Now let’s consider the cash bonuses available. we have one word to say on this – “Wow!”

The no deposit bonus and 900% welcome bonus already mentioned above are just the start. With these you have a choice of accepting bonus money or a lower amount in cash. Though this cash still has to be played through before withdrawal.

You will also be awarded free cash and free bingo tickets for various actions such as subscribing to their blog and even just logging on every day.

Then we have your reload bonuses – if you deposit up to £25 you get a 25% bonus. Deposit up to £50 and you get 50%, up to £75 and you get 75% and £100 + gets you a massive 100% bonus. That’s each and every time you make a deposit!

And for every £1 wagered on bingo (or £10 on slots) at Buttercup Bingo you accrue loyalty points. Once you accrue 1000 loyalty points then your reload bonus becomes 150% whatever sum you deposit (we think). At 2500 points your reload bonus is 200%. At 5000 points it is automatically 250%.

Confused? Yup – so are we. Read on….

These loyalty points can be traded for cash at a rate of 1 point per penny. The amount you can trade depends upon your status which in turn depends upon how many loyalty points you have accrued which as stated depends upon how many games you have played. Or is that bonus bucks? We really don’t know….. or quite where bonus bucks come from ….

Ok so the bonus / loyalty system is extremely confusing. But however it’s worked out it’s very obviously very, very, very generous and worthwhile to us as bingo players. If you’re happy to be given bonuses and extra cash (and free tickets) but not quite understand why – then there’s no problem!

The only issue may be at a point when you would like to make a deposit but are unclear of the bonus you will receive. Which leads us very nicely on to ……


If I have a problem?

You can contact someone at Buttercup Bingo 24/7 by phone, LiveChat or email. So any problems or doubts experienced can be quickly and easily resolved.

A responsible gambling policy exists and help offered to anyone who needs it. All the usual self exclusion etc facilities may be used.


Can I play mobile bingo?

Yes you just need to login on your phone or tablet and you will be taken to the mobile bingo games where you can also play slots or casino games.


What deposit / withdrawal options are there?

The usual options – Visa debit / credit / electron cards. MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Paysafe card. Plus Neteller and Ukash.


So….Buttercup Bingo …. the conclusion?

Because of the very generous bonus offers available – continuously – you can deposit a relatively small amount and play for hours. And hours. and more hours… In terms of cash spent vrs time playing this is quite possibly the best value site around.

Any negatives? Well it can get a bit too confusing if you want to play a number of games at once due to the fact that you can end up with several separate windows open. Also while you can pre buy tickets (many online bingo sites won’t allow you to do this) the money won’t be deducted from your cash balance until the game starts. In other words you are reserving tickets as opposed to actually buying them. This can lead to confusion as to how much money you have left.

Also – as stated higher up this page – the array of bonus options can leave your head spinning. But personally we would much rather get a large bonus and wonder how / why than not get it at all! So more of an observation than a complaint …..

So all in all Buttercup Bingo comes highly recommended. Don’t attempt too many games at once unless you’re confident you understand it all and we can assure you that you will have many happy hours playing. And please don’t forget to take advantage of that no deposit bonus by registering here….



18+ only