Bubble Bingo

Bubble Bingo is a fun and entertaining bingo game that’s made by NeoGames and it is most certainly not your typical kind of bingo game as it is played in 3 different stages! This game lets players play with up to 12 cards and features an extraordinary top jackpot prize worth 10,000X your total bet!



Playing Bubble Bingo.

To win in this bingo game you need to form a row of matching numbers on 1 or more cards as the 90 bingo balls rise up from a container which is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. To play Bubble Bingo, you must first choose to play in real-money mode and not Demo mode. Next, choose your bet by toggling the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons of the ‘Card Price’ button and the number of cards you wish to play with by toggling the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons beside the ‘Number of Cards’ button. Then all you have to do is simply press the ‘Play’ button to get those balls rolling.

As mentioned earlier on, Bubble Bingo is played in 3 stages which are outlined below:
1st Stage – plays on the 1 Line prize with the first set of 15 balls. If you match any of the 15 balls to form any 1 Line then you win the 1 Line prize.
2nd Stage – plays on the 2 Lines prize with the first and second set of balls in play. Match any of the 30 balls here to create any 2 Lines to win the 2 Lines prize.
3rd Stage – plays on the Full House prize with the first, second, and third set of balls in play. Match any of the 45 balls to create a full house to win the Full House prize.

Winning Cards contain a certain amount of money which is displayed on the prize multiplier table and as you play the game you will be able to clearly see the total win amount of the card at each stage. All of the numbers will be marked automatically on the 90 balls board and on the playing cards so no need to use your eyeballs to check them manually here unlike some other bingo games out there right now!



Gameplay and Presentation.

Bubble Bingo is great fun to play and splitting the game into 3 different stages is an ingenious idea. This game features a bright blue background accompanied by a funky-style soundtrack which really enhances the gameplay as you watch the balls float up to the surface and wait patiently to see if you have a win on your card(s). The animations are a real visual treat as bingo balls magically float to the surface of the container and pop dramatically once they reach the top.



Bet Range, Payouts, and RTP.

The betting range for this game starts as low as £€0.10 to a maximum bet of £€10.00. Winning cards are determined by the prize multipliers displayed below:


The RTP for this game is set at 93.50% which basically means if you wager a hundred £€1 bets then you will get back £€93.50 in wins.



Where to Find Bubble Bingo.

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Bubble Bingo is a superb take on the Bingo genre as one of the less usual ways to enjoy bingo. It certainly offers players something fresh and new in terms of gameplay and presentation. It features bright visuals, light-techno music, and it’s just brilliant that it splits into 3 different stages as you play it. This really adds to the replay value of this fun bingo game. With a top jackpot prize of 10,000X your bet to have a go at, hopefully you will be calling a ‘Full House’ the next time you play Bubble Bingo!

18+ only