Bingo Tips

First and foremost the game of bingo should be fun. It’s about the social side (whether online or playing in your local bingo club) and the thrill of your last number coming up. But naturally we would all like to win – and hopefully win big! And to do this there are certainly a range of bingo tips we can follow to increase the chances of this happening. Some of these will be obvious to even the most recent of newcomers to the game but there are others that you will pick up as you go along. As with any game – the more you play the better you will get

But wouldn’t it be great to be given these tips before you start playing? So read on….



But bingo is a game of chance – can any bingo tips really help?

Of course the game of bingo is down to the luck of the player. But there will always be actions you can take to ‘nudge’ the luck in your direction. We are not talking here about guaranteeing a win every time you play. Simply doing what you can as a bingo player to ensure that the odds are in your favour as far as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the bingo tips, tricks and strategies which may work for you……

bingo tips

Online Bingo Tips.

Find a bingo site you are comfortable with.

Every bingo site is different and the only way to find one you like is to give them a go. This doesn’t necessarily mean actually depositing money – most sites are open for you to take a look and get a general feel before you commit your own money. There are even several no deposit bingo sites in which you can log in and play for free first.

Will this increase your chances of winning? Not directly – no. But a site which is fast and easy to navigate from one bingo room to another will mean you can cover more games as and when you want to. There’s nothing more infuriating than knowing a game starts shortly but not being able to find it!

Look for sites with regular offers.

Finding a bingo site with a generous welcome offer is a must. This will be along the lines of ‘deposit £x and get £x for free’. However, just as important is finding one which offers continuous bingo promotions and offers. Many offers can be found such as reload bonuses, free bingo games, 1 to go games, BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free), prize draw entries and loads of other variations.

And don’t forget that bingo chat games are also a great way to win some additional prizes ….

Use the autodab feature.

Don’t try and be clever and manually check / dab your tickets. Use the autodab feature so that it’s all done for you…

Take advantage of the bingo chatrooms.

Bingo players tend to be a friendly bunch who are quite happy to help each other out. And most bingo chat rooms have a chat moderator who will answer any questions you have or problems which need solving. So make sure you use these rooms and all those playing in them. Don’t be afraid of asking ‘silly’ questions – every bingo player had to start somewhere!

Watch each room for pot sizes & bingo player numbers.

Have a think about what you are realistically hoping to win. If you are going for the big / lifechanging jackpots then you will need rooms with many players in them. The chance of winning will be small but if you do then the prize could well be in the thousands.

If however you would like to increase your likelihood of winning but will settle for a smaller amount then look for rooms with less players.

In short:-

many players equals large jackpots but low chance of winning.

fewer players equals smaller jackpots but a high chance of winning.


Land Bingo Tips.

Sit near the front(?)

Many bingo players swear by this! The theory is that if you can sit closer enough you might just get a glimpse of the ball numbers before the bingo calls are made. This can give you the edge over other players.

Only use as many cards as you are comfortable with.

The temptation will always be to play as many bingo tickets as you can. You see other people doing it and it looks easy doesn’t it?

But the sensible approach is to work your way up gradually. If it is your first time at the bingo hall then start with just a couple of tickets. When you are happy with this then buy a few more for your next game.

Remember – the players you see at the next table playing multiple bingo cards have probably been at it for years!

Concentrate and don’t chat.

There is a reason that a deathly hush falls over the entire hall once the game begins. It really isn’t possible to pay attention to the game and talk to your friends at the same time. Don’t even try! (Plus you won’t be very popular with the other players sitting near you ……..)

Yes bingo is supposed to be a sociable game and a fun evening out. But there will be plenty of time for chatter between games ……

Learn the relevant bingo calls.

The truth is that although we have mental images of each bingo caller shouting out phrases such as “legs eleven” and “doctor’s orders” – most don’t. For many bingo halls this takes up time – and wasted time means less games played.

However, if you are lucky enough to play regularly at a venue where traditional bingo calls are the norm then it may well help to learn them thoroughly. Knowing the number drawn fractionally before the call is finished is another means of giving yourself a slight edge over others who don’t.


So there you have a few basic bingo tips which may just help you to get that elusive win. But do remember – bingo is supposed to be fun!



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