Bingo Scratchcards

Scratch cards are a relatively recent addition to the online range of games to play. Bingo scratchcards even more so.

Scratchcards were first introduced in the US in the 1970s and soon became associated with State Lotteries. They took a little longer to reach us here in the UK and it was the 1990s before we started to see them on the local newsagent’s counter. Originally they tended to be sold and played for the benefit of charitable causes. And while this still applies in many cases today this is not always the case.

They became available online in 2010 but it has only been in the last few years that we have seen them on gaming and online bingo sites.


So what are bingo scratchcards?

Firstly – what is a scratch card? In it’s very simplest form it is a card which hides a ( possible ) prize under a ‘scratch off’ surface. When this surface is removed the prize result is displayed – usually by matching numbers / symbols / pictures etc. For instance – scratch off the three ‘windows’ and if each displays “£10” then you win that prize. Traditionally this would involve taking it to the original vendor ( or sending it away for larger prizes ).

And of course scratchcards in this card / paper format are still widely available. Most newsagents or convenience stores will still have these sitting by their till for that quick or impulse sale.

But today, the introduction of online scratch cards can mean a whole lot more than this! They are ‘instant win’ so no waiting for your winnings. They can also include colour, sound effects, animation and whatever else the game designers can think of!

So bingo scratchcards are simply those which have some sort of bingo related theme. This will very likely mean colourful bingo balls. But may also involve a bingo caller, bingo tickets, or anything else bingo themed.


How are bingo scratch cards played?

There is no definitive answer to this question! As stated above it may mean simply ‘scratching off’ three bingo balls to find the possible prize amounts underneath. But as every games developer wants to make his/her bingo scratchcard better than the rest then the possibilities are endless.

The likelihood is that it will be combined with another form of game – maybe slots or keno.


How much can I win?

The rewards can be the same as in any game. It may be a few pence. Or it may be a life changing amount! The simple difference between the online scratch card and the traditional one is the speed of payout. ‘Instant win’ means just that ….


Where can I find bingo scratchcards?

On various bingo sites and even online casinos. We have some examples below……


Bingo – various sites.

bingo video game

A typical example is this game of Bingo in which your bingo cards are hidden behind the scratch panels. The game can be found at one of these sites …


Scratch Bingo – various

Scratch Bingo

Bright and colourful – this is a bingo scratch card in it’s simplest form. Scratch the bingo balls and match 3 symbols to win!

It can be found under the ‘bingo’ section as opposed to the ‘games’ section at Boyles.

And under ‘slots’ then ‘scratchcards’ at Mecca.

Meccarena - Spend £10 get £5

And under ‘games’ and then ‘scratchcards’ at Vernons Bingo.

Also Sun Bingo …..



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