Bingo Promotions

With so many bingo sites fighting for competition online there are many forms of bingo promotions available. Which is of course great news for us bingo players! Some of these will sound too good to be true (and many of them are!). Many will sound confusing to newbies – BOGOF for instance – but can be extremely worthwhile when taken advantage of.

Let’s look at some of the most common of the bingo promotions……




Bingo promotions & their definitions.

welcome deposit bonus.

Something we should all look for when choosing a new bingo site to play as it offers fantastic value. Practically every online bingo site offers some form of welcome bonus which could be as much as 500% or more. And this is just as simple as it sounds – deposit a certain amount and you will be given extra credit to play bingo with – usually as a percentage of the deposit amount.

TIP – consider how much you are prepared to both deposit and risk. Would you prefer 500% bonus up to a max of £50? Or 100% bonus up to a max of £200?


reload bonus.

Similar to the welcome deposit offer in that you will be given free credit for depositing. Some sites – such as Buttercup Bingo – include this as part of your welcome offer. Others may offer this on a continual basis or as occasional promos.


no deposit bonus.

Using this form of bingo promotion means you can play bingo for real cash prizes without depositing a single penny. Can you win big? Probably not. But the huge advantage of these no deposit bingo sites is that you can get a feel for a site prior to depositing your own money. Don’t like it? Then don’t play anymore – just find another site….

The offer will differ from one site to another. Some will provide some form of ‘newbie’s room’ where you can play without making a deposit for a limited period. Others may offer these free games in a certain bingo room or at certain times. And some will provide free credit to play where ever and whenever you would like.


free bingo games.

Just as it sounds! Many sites will offer their players the chance to participate in free bingo games. The possible winnings are usually – though not always – minimal. But as a player you have nothing at all to lose by playing. Some sites offer this on an almost continual basis while others do so as a special promotion.



Buy One Get One Free – so you receive a free bingo card to play for every one that you purchase.


loyalty point schemes.

These will be termed differently depending upon the bingo site you are playing on. There are ‘Club Points’ at William Hill Bingo, ‘Joy Points’ at JackpotJoy, ‘Diamond Points’ at Wish Bingo, …………… you get the idea …….

But how do they work? Well this depends very much upon the bingo site itself – each have their own way of operating. The simplest way is that you are awarded points for playing. These points are then redeemed for cash. But it is of course possible to be awarded any of the various bingo promotions listed on this page. So 1000 points accrued may – for instance – also be redeemed for a reload bonus, entry into a prize draw, entry to the next VIP level (see below), free bingo tickets or any other promo opportunities.


exclusive VIP clubs.

These bingo promotions are often linked to the loyalty points mentioned above and enable access to exclusive ‘clubs’ with extra benefits. For example, you may enter the club at ‘Silver’ level when you have played through £500 giving you a better reload bonus and weekly free games. Then after £1000 playthrough you enter ‘Gold’ level with a better reload bonus and daily free games. Again, this is down entirely to the site you are playing and all offer different incentives to climb those levels.


referral bonus.

A form of bonus which you gain by introducing a friend.


birthday bonus.

A bonus awarded to you on your birthday – usually £5 – £10.

TIP – don’t necessarily wait for this bonus. Some bingo sites will award it automatically – Betfred Bingo for instance. But many will happily do so if you simply ask (and yes I do this every single year myself!) via the LiveChat or Chatroom Moderators. Do remember though that you enter your date of birth when you register so this only works when it really is your birthday ……….


bingo promos


charity bonuses.

Real cash donated to various charities due to money deposited or games played etc. Health Lottery Bingo and Charity Bingo are great examples of this. It’s questionable whether these can be considered bonuses – but I’m sure the receiving charities consider it to be so!



Stands for 1 To Go and 2 To Go. These are small cash awards given when you have only one or two numbers to go but are pipped at the post by another bingo player.



Cash given back to you after you have played – usually based on losses i.e. ‘20% cashback on all losses over the weekend’.


chat room bonuses.

It is the job of the Chat Room Moderators (CMs as they are usually called) to answer queries and help those new comers to their sites. But their most important duty is to keep their games fun and exciting and ensure that players keep returning. One way to do this is to offer prizes and bonuses for the games / chat rooms they moderate.

These bonuses can take any number of forms and could be as random as giving a special prize to the first person to type in a particular phrase when a particular number is called. And the prizes can be just as random – free credit, free tickets. reload bonuses etc.


various prize games and other bingo promotions.

Keep a look out for all the promos which will continually appear on various bingo sites. Again there is no limit here as to what can be won. Cash, bonuses, concert tickets – even holidays!


What to look for in your bingo promotions.

Always check the ‘play through’ (or ‘rollover’) amount in the terms and conditions. Many bingo promotions will sound generous until you calculate how many times you have to play through the bonus. But what is ‘play through’? This is the number of times that you have to play through your deposit and / or bonus and will always be stated (somewhere!) within the T&T.

For instance – the T&T may state that there is a rollover /play through of x5 the bonus. So if you receive a bonus of £10 you have to play £50 of bingo before you can withdraw. If the rollover is high (x30 is not uncommon) then there is every chance you will lose the whole amount before you get anywhere near the chance to actually withdraw your winnings.

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