Bingo Machine

The term bingo machine can have several different meanings – it all depends upon what you are looking for. It could be that you are looking for a simple ball cage for playing at home or for your local village charity event. Or something a little more complex – bingo display boards, blowers or electronic bingo devices. Lets take a look at a few various bingo machine options…..

bingo machine

Bingo Cage.

This is the most basic level bingo machine. You place all your bingo balls inside the cage and turn the handle. One numbered ball will drop out and you call this number (using traditional bingo calls!) before turning again and repeating the process. Simple! The beauty of these is not just the cost but the simplicity of use. No electric connections and practically nothing to break.

Bingo cages are available in a number of different styles and sizes and make great bingo gifts!


bingo machine


Electronic Bingo Machine.

This term will cover pretty much all the equipment you would find at a larger venue. Examples of these bingo machines would include basic display boards or blowers, right up to complex machines which organise and run the whole game.

Some of these may be perfect for if you run a regular local village or charity event. Particularly some of the cheaper number display boards which make the whole game that much easier for those who are hard of hearing or if you have a large gathering. They also add that touch of professionalism to the event.


Bingo Calling Machine.

These are simply portable PAs. They are small and compact and certainly perfect for taking from venue to venue. Even the loudest of bingo callers need a little help at times. And it can be a long evening if the game is being played in a large hall with no microphone or PA system!


bingo machine


Electronic Bingo Devices.

These are not the kind of bingo machine for small clubs or village bingo organisers. These are the necessary tools for the major bingo halls who are turning more and more to electronic bingo gaming sessions. They may be in the form of a handheld device or a screen / terminal. As a bingo player you would be provided with these when you opt in to play – we certainly wouldn’t suggest the need to purchase one!


Points To Consider Before You Buy….

  1. It goes without saying that you should ensure that your bingo equipment will definitely get used. If you are just starting what you hope will be a regular event then run a few sessions with a cheap bingo game set or pull the bingo balls from a bag. Once you know that you have regular players, then think about investing in bigger and better equipment.
  2. If you are buying on behalf of some form of social club then think about any other uses you may have for your bingo machine. For instance some machines will also double as raffle ticket pickers. So it may be worth a little extra cost to choose the right one now and then get full use from your purchase.
  3. This is important – ensure your bingo machine will play the bingo games you want. Most bingo players will already be aware that the two common forms of bingo are 90 ball and 75 ball, though 80 ball bingo is also a common option. This will usually be down to your location – but not necessarily so. The point here is that electronic machines in particular may only cater for one sort of game so make sure you determine this at the outset. It will be quite embarrassing to find your new bingo display board won’t show the last fifteen numbers, or the number 86 is called in a game of 75 ball bingo!

bingo machine

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