Bingo Games for Kids

Bingo games for kids??? Yes we know that bingo is traditionally a gambling game. And of course still is. But what happens if we don’t bother with the ‘buying’ of the bingo tickets for each game? Well it now becomes a great game for the whole family to enjoy. No different from any other board game or activity.

bingo games for kids

Most family bingo games tend to follow the American style of play. The rules of play are the same as the UK version but with slightly different bingo cards. These cards are larger and square – enabling more numbers per card. This simply makes an easier game for children to follow and play. The numbers may go up to either 90 (UK) or 75 (US). But again – this makes no difference to the bingo game itself.

These bingo games for kids also tend not to have bingo cards which are marked off or written on. By using counters – or something similar – the game can be used time and time again.

And bingo games for kids can actually be educational. It’s a way of making learning fun for kids of all ages. And they do of course make great bingo gifts for the whole family!


Bingo games for kids – younger children.

For very young children, pictures can be used instead of numbers. Then when the name of  each picture is read out they can cover it with one of their counters. The usual bingo rules would apply – cover the whole card or one line etc. By playing the game in this form they can learn to recognise certain objects. It may be anything from farm animals to the hands on a clock.


Bingo games for kids – older children.

As your kids grow up the same games can be adapted. Number and word games may still be used. But now incorporating maths bingo or English problems to solve.


And as more kids are carrying phone then there is also the possibility of downloading one of the many apps to play free (i.e. not playing with money!) mobile bingo.

Bingo games for kids while travelling.

bingo games for kids

Bingo is a great game for kids on long car journeys. These travel bingo games usually fall into two types:-

  • Normal bingo in a smaller format. They may use magnetic counters to attach to the card. Or maybe a specialised bingo card with doors or sliders. Anything that won’t have counters flying across the car every time the brakes are applied! This is ideal for mum or dad to be calling the numbers from the front passenger seat.
  • A format in which items spotted on the journey take the place of the bingo numbers. So each ‘number’ would instead be a cow, bicycle, red car, caravan etc.


Creating your own kids bingo game.

You can make your own bingo games for your kids. You simply need a set of calling cards and then different bingo tickets / cards for each player. You can even buy proper bingo dabbers for kids as well.


Take a look at this under the sea bingo. You could print off all you need from the site. Or use it as the format to create your own game. There are endless images you could use from the internet. For young children this may be pictures of animals or other easy to recognise objects. For older children try pictures of famous people, dates from history or simple maths sums to solve.


Free bingo apps for your phone.

If you would like a game to download to your mobile then try these free bingo apps. They are perfect for when the family are out and about or the kids are bored on long car journeys.

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