Bingo game

Bingo is a fun and easy to play game which is hugely popular all across the world as players play it in bingo halls and more recently on their computers and now their mobile phones. Leading games provider NeoGames decided to transform this highly entertaining bingo game into an accessible online video game and aptly called it ‘Bingo’. Part scratch card – part slot game, this version of Bingo is certainly different from the norm.


Playing Bingo.

Playing Bingo could not be any easier as all you have to do is choose the amount you wish to wager using the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons found at the bottom of the screen then click the ‘Spin the Wheel’ button or hit the space bar to get those bingo balls rolling. It goes without saying that the higher the bet you place then the bigger the cash reward you will receive so be sure to keep this mind when playing this game.

A fantastic feature of Bingo is that it offers players 3 chances to win thanks to the grey scratch panels located just beside the Bingo numbers. Clicking on these panels will reveal the Bingo numbers you have for the game and if you wish to move things along quickly then you can just click on the ‘Scratch All’ button to instantly reveal your numbers. The balls will then spin in the wheel and be placed in a straight row directly under all of the bingo numbers.

The Bingo numbers range between 1 to 75 and if all 5 numbers in one of your cards match the drawn numbers in the row then you will be awarded the potential prize of that card. The great thing about Bingo is that this game does all the hard work and highlights the winning numbers for you. Players should be aware that only 1 prize can be won per game.


bingo video game


Gameplay and Presentation.

This game is extremely fun to play especially if you are a Bingo fan and it’s just fantastic that players have 3 opportunities to win thanks to the 3 Scratch panels. It’s brilliant that you can speed things up by pressing the ‘Scratch All’ button as this allows players to see almost immediately if they won a cash prize or not. Unfortunately the game does not feature a Bingo caller but that is just a minor gripe really.

Bingo features slick graphics with a dazzling background filled with a variety of bright colours. The animations are superb as the balls spin around and appear just below your bingo card compete with realistic sound effects of the balls rolling around inside of the wheel.



Bet Range, Payouts, and RTP.

Players can place bets starting as low as £€0.50 to as high as £€10.00. As mentioned above, the higher the bet you place then the bigger cash payout becomes. Winning cards are determined by the following prize multipliers:


The RTP for this slot is a very respectable 94% which means if you make a hundred £€1 bets in this game then you can expect to get back £€94 in wins.



How Can I Play this Version of Bingo?

Enter ‘bingo’ into the search field of Wild Slots to find this game as well as Bingo Bonanza and Bubble Bingo.


Try Next Casino for this and many other games.


Again, just use the search field to find Bingo on the excellent Casino Luck ….




This is a superb game for all bingo players to enjoy as well as non-bingo players too. It’s extremely easy to play, features colourful graphics and the fact that you have 3 chances to win in games makes it a very rewarding game for all players to try out. So what are you waiting for? Spin the wheel and see if you have a lucky winning card by playing Bingo right now!

18+ only