Bingo Dabbers

So what are bingo dabbers?

Bingo dabbers, bingo daubers, bingo pens, bingo markers ……… any other names for them? Probably! And they are all basically the same thing …… sort of. So what makes a pen a bingo pen as opposed to …. well ………. a pen?

Lets start with why you need one. Imagine you’re playing a game of bingo. It could be in the local bingo hall or a game of village bingo down your local pub or village hall. You have all your bingo tickets lined up neatly in front of you and the bingo caller is about to start. You pick up the blue ball point you found in your pocket ………. ready?


That’s yours! You cross the number 25! …….. the ink hasn’t come out….. cross again …..still no ink……


Right ….. you turn the ticket over and scribble as hard as you can …… hooray! ……. ink!! ……oops …….you’ve scraped right through the paper …


What’s the number you’ve just scraped through??? Can’t quite make it out …… what were those last two numbers?


Another of yours – another cross …… ummmmm …… you can’t actually see the number now you’ve put a cross through it ….


ok …. circle the number this time …….. it’s stopped working again!!!!!


need a pen …… need a pen ….. need a pen …… left pocket? no ….. right pocket? no ……. in my bag? nope!

bingo dabbers

ok – we all get the idea! bingo dabbers should:-

  • have free flowing ink.
  • have a soft nib or sponge so as not to damage the paper.
  • be easy to use – you ‘dab’ not circle, cross, scrape or anything else.
  • have water based ink that is transparent so your win can actually be checked.
  • not leak over your fingers and your tickets.
  • be large / chunky / colourful – in other words easy to find!
  • always have a back-up just in case!

And ideally your bingo dabbers should make a statement – “I’m here to have fun and enjoy myself!”


bingo dabbers

Your choice of bingo dabbers.

First a word of warning…. It is common practice for retailers of felt pens to promote them as – amongst other uses – bingo marker pens. These are likely to be considerably cheaper than other bingo dabbers – possibly in large bulk packs. But what you’ll find is that as soon as you ‘dab’ your bingo card it will instantly become unreadable and therefore void. All the products following are definitely bingo dabbers and not just cheap pens claiming to be so! Of course you have a choice of style, of colour and even what to keep them in!


Single bingo dabbers

There’s a whole range of styles and colours to choose from ….


bingo dabbers

Multi packs.

After all – it’s always wise to have a few back ups!



Bulk dabbers

Perfect if you are buying for a group of people or for use at an event. Or if you play a LOT of bingo!



bingo dabbers

Novelty bingo daubers.

These will all make you stand out from the rest of the bingo players. Are also ideal as bingo gifts for friends and family.





bingo dabbersBingo dabbers for kids.

Ok so children may not be able to play down your bingo hall. But they can if it’s an informal charity event or a game at home. Scary bingo dabbers like the one shown would be appealing to any child.. bingo dabbersAnd who’s to say that you can’t use them yourself?? Don’t these Wacky Races themed bingo dabbers take you back to your childhood?




Pen cases.

bingo dabbers We’ve already mentioned the need to keep your pen – and spares – where you can find them. A bingo dabber case  makes a perfect gift for other bingo players.



bingo dabbers And of course a personalised bingo dabber pen case makes a particularly special present – but is much easier than you’d imagine to arrange.       Don’t forget that all the above make ideal bingo gifts for birthdays and other occasions!

18+ only