Bingo Chat Rooms

We have got to the point where bingo chat rooms are now practically compulsory for online bingo sites. The use of them are basically part and parcel of playing bingo. Chat rooms take the world of online bingo and turn it into the social game it always used to be when we played in bingo halls with friends and family.

Of course many bingo players have no desire to interact with the  other players on the site. And that’s fine! There’s never any obligation to join these bingo chat rooms! However, if you have never participated before then it may well be worth ‘ dipping your toe in’. You may well be surprised at how much your whole bingo playing experience is enhanced.

But what are these bingo chat rooms about? How do they work? And what’s the point?

Well they are simply a way to help you enjoy your bingo game playing even more. You can chat, make friends and even create teams in many instances. Plus you can join in the ‘extra’ games available (again – only if you decide to). They are easy to join and just as easy to leave if you so wish….


Chat Moderators

The person who ‘leads’ these chat rooms go by varying different names. Most common are Chat Moderators, Chat Monitors, Chat Masters or Chat Hosts. Therefore they are most often referred to as the CM or CH.

So what is the role of the CM in the bingo chat rooms?

  • They ensure that the Chat Room rules are followed.
  • A Bingo Chat Host communicates in the Chat Box.
  • A CH will make an announcement whenever there’s a special offer.
  • They run chat room games.
  • The CH moderates the Chat Rooms, making sure people behave.
  • The Chat Host is always there to answer all your questions and provide support.


Abbreviations for Bingo Chat Rooms – bingo lingo!

It can certainly seem daunting when you first take a look at the chat rooms. This is mainly because of the many abbreviations used. You will often hear this described as ‘bingo lingo’ – and just to make everything more complicated, bingo lingo is also the term used for the bingo calls in traditional bingo halls.

Below is a list of the most often used chat / bingo lingo. While it is reasonably comprehensive there will always be new terms being coined. And remember that each of the online bingo sites may well have their own variations.


1tg, 2tg Balls to go to

? Please Explain

?4U Question For You

lmao Laughing My A** Off

a/s/l Age/Sex/Location

aamof As a Matter of Fact

afaik As far As I know

afk Away From Keyboard

asap As Soon As Possible

b4n / bfn Bye For Now

bak Back At Keyboard

bbl Be Back Later

bf Boyfriend

blnt Better Luck next time

brb Be Right Back

btw By The Way

CM Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator

cu / cy See You

cul / cyl Catch / See You Later

e1 Everyone

fcol For Crying Out Loud!

fyi For Your Information

gf Girlfriend

gg Good Going / Good Game

gl Good Luck

gla Good Luck All

glev1 Good Luck Everyone

gtsy Glad To see You

gr8 Great

g2g Got to Go

hagd Have A Good Day

hb Hurry Back

hhis Hanging Head in Shame

imo / imho In My Opinion / In My Honest Opinion

jj Just Joking / Just Jesting

jk Just Kidding

jtlyk Just To Let You Know

k OK

l8r Later

l8r g8r Later Gator

lol Laugh Out Loud

lyk Let You Know

noyb None of Your Business

np No Problem

oic Oh I See

omg Oh My Gosh

pls/plz Please

pmsl Peeing Myself Laughing

ppl People

qt Cutie

rofl Rolling On Floor, Laughing

roflmao Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off

roomie A chat room member, i.e. anyone in the chat room

sohf Sense of Humour Failure

soz/sry Sorry

tc Take Care

tmi Too Much Information

ttfn Ta Ta For Now

ttyl Talk to You Later

thx Thanks

ty Thank You

tyvm Thank You Very Much

ul Unlucky

w8 Wait

wb Welcome Back

wd Well Done

wdw Well Done Winners

wtg Way To Go!

xoxo hugs & kisses

yw You’re Welcome


Bingo Chat Games.

Apart from the social side of chat rooms, the games and bonuses offered are probably the most important aspect. These games will be hosted by the CH / CM as outlined above. They may be offered and promoted in regular slots or maybe just on an ad-hoc basis whenever the CM decides. And there is nothing wrong with asking the CM when the next chat games are coming up…..

Trying to provide a complete list of these bingo chat games would be pointless as they change on a continual basis. Even different sites will have different names for different games. But they will all offer great promotions and you have nothing to lose by participating. And even if you fail to win anything – they’re great fun!


Etiquette in Bingo Chat Rooms.

Each bingo site will obviously have their own rules regarding use of their bingo chat rooms. However, the following are general rules which tend to apply wherever you happen to be playing …..

  • Be polite and courteous at all times.
  • Do not bully, harass or use any form of discrimination.
  • Avoid any form of bad language.
  • Avoid using CAPITAL LETTERS which is considered to be shouting…..
  • Use only the English language (or the common language if you are playing on a non-English bingo site).
  • Do not spam or advertise products, services or other sites.
  • Be sensible when choosing your chat names – don’t pick something vulgar or offensive.
  • Try not to give out personal details (for your own safety / security).
  • Do not use the chat rooms to voice complaints or vent your anger or annoyance.

We feel that all the above points make sense. In short – the bingo chat rooms are somewhere for everyone to enjoy themselves!


18+ only