Bingo Chat Games

What exactly are bingo chat games? And how do you play them?

These are the additional games you can take part in while participating within the bingo chat rooms. There are no specific rules as each game is individual to the site and / or chat room you are in. Even different Chat Moderators (CM) on the same bingo site may host the game slightly differently.

Some of these chat games may require you to do something specific – like say a certain word when a particular number comes up. Or it may be a simple matter of winning an extra prize for – for instance – being the first to complete all four corners and saying ‘corners’. Basically anything additional to your normal bingo game can be classed as a chat game!

Sometimes bingo chat games can have regular time slots encouraging players to log in specifically. At other times the CM may just decide on the spur of the moment to start a game.


What can I win in bingo chat games?

Let’s not forget that the whole purpose of these is to make the bingo game playing more fun. So don’t expect to win any 5* holidays! It’s possible that you may win a cash prize – though again don’t expect anything too major…

However, anything you do win is a bonus – above and beyond what you would normally expect from just the bingo game itself. So possibly free bingo tickets, extra loyalty / reward points, free spins in side games like slots or casino games or bonus cash.

But remember – while extra prizes are great to receive, that really isn’t the point here. Bingo chat games are more about the social aspect and making a fun game even more enjoyable!


Where and how can I find and join in these games?

As mentioned above, there may be some games that are given a regular time slot. More likely though is that you will find that CMs will run various games while they are hosting – probably depending upon player numbers.

The best way to find out is to speak straight to the CM themselves. If they don’t have a chat game coming up they may well start one for your benefit ……


What sort of bingo chat games can I play?

There are so many types that can be played – and more being thought up all the time…..

The following are all examples of games you can play ….

word games.

‘Anagrams’ – The CM will state what the subject of the anagram is  eg. films, with the jumbled letters, e.g. wsaj. After the countdown (from 5 down to 1) the 1st player to say “anagram” followed by the correct answer will win. (Vernons Bingo)

Alphabet Chatter’ – The CM will give a letter and then a subject, e.g. S and Countries. The 1st person to say “alphabet” and then correctly guess the answer will win the prize / bonus. (BoyleSports Bingo)

number games.

‘It All Adds Up’ – Simply add up the first two bingo numbers that are called. You have to be quick to be the first to type in the answer! (Sun Bingo)

‘Double Shot’ – Players have to wait until both a number and it’s double are called out – eg 5 and 10 / 12 and 24 etc. Players then compete to be the first to call “Double Shot” followed by the two numbers. (Costa Bingo)

‘shout out’ games.

‘Mines a Double’ – Wait for any double number to be called – eg 11, 22, 33 etc. The first bingo player to say “Mines a Double” wins the £1 Bingo Bonus. (William Hill Bingo)

‘Lucky Number’ – Give the CM any number from 1 upwards. When your number is called shout out ‘Lucky Number + your number’ to win!’ (Unibet Bingo)

quiz games.

‘Trivia’ – The CM will ask a trivia question (could be any subject!). Wait for the countdown, say ‘Trivia’ followed by the correct answer to win the prize. (Mecca Bingo)

‘Guess Who?’ – This game involves working out the name of a famous person or fictional character. The CM will give out clues to help the players guess correctly. The 1st person to say “Guess Who” followed by the correct name is the winning player. (Betfred Bingo)

guessing games.

‘Fun Fortunes’ – You are asked to guess the most popular / top answer to a question asked in a survey. Say ‘Fortunes’ followed by your answer. Be the first to correctly answer to win. (JackpotJoy)


So these are all examples only – there are so many other bingo chat games available to play. Many of the above games are also found on several different bingo sites.

So have fun playing!!

18+ only