How to be a great Bingo Caller

This page is not aimed at the wannabe professional bingo caller. Are you hoping to follow this as a career with the likes of Mecca Bingo or Gala Bingo? Then it would be worth contacting them directly.

If however you have been asked to be the bingo caller at your village bingo or charity event then this is for you. We have loads of advice for you below to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time – and maybe raise some money in the process? And of course if you make the evening a success then there’s every chance it will be repeated in the future. You may find yourself with a permanent position as bingo caller!!


Free Bingo Caller App.

This is a free app for your android phone. Just click on the image below to download. Just to make this clear – its a bingo caller, not a bingo game itself.


Skills required by a bingo caller.


It goes without saying that you could be speaking in front of lots of people. You will have an audience. And you will be the centre of their attention. So you need to be happy and relaxed. Or at least appear to be!

ability to be heard.

The importance of this will depend upon whether you have the use of a microphone. If you don’t then it’s essential that you have a loud, audible voice. And if you are bingo calling in the pub then you may well have non players talking together close by.

clear pronunciation.

This is important whether you use a microphone or not. A strong accent from another region could cause problems for all concerned. Not that it should prevent you being a bingo caller altogether. Just take your time and be as clear as possible.

bingo caller

tips for being a great bingo caller.

accept your limitations.

We’re guessing you’re doing this for free. You’re helping out so as to ensure the bingo players have a good time. If you are a professional bingo caller then they would expect a polished performance. But you’re not. Your audience will accept this so make sure you do too. Yes there will be those there who take the game of bingo very seriously. But they will still recognise the fact that they are in the village hall and not a Gala Bingo hall! Do the best you can obviously. But don’t worry if things go wrong or you’re not word perfect. It happens!

keep a drink close by.

You will get dry so make sure you have a drink handy.

don’t rush.

Yes we know how quickly the professional bingo callers get through the game. But as already stated – you are not a professional. Added to that is that most of your bingo players are most likely not experienced in the game. The last thing they will need is you rushing through the numbers.

write down your bingo calls.

If you intend to throw in a few traditional bingo calls – or funny bingo calls – then take your ‘script’. The bingo players probably won’t notice because they will have their ‘eyes down’. And even if they do – does it really matter? This will definitely help your confidence. And it will also prevent you getting mixed up with your calls. It can be confusing for the players if you use the same bingo call for different numbers. And could result in incorrect calls of ‘House!

study the rules.

Make sure you fully understand how to play bingo so can keep some form of control!

make it fun.

This is the most important thing for you to remember. Your audience will forgive any errors you make. But if they don’t have fun they won’t come back next time!

This doesn’t mean you need to be a comedian. Just keep the evening relaxed and informal. Laugh at yourself if you drop a bingo ball across the room or get a bingo call wrong. And encourage some audience participation. Tell them you expect plenty of wolf whistles when you call legs eleven!

And you must, must, must have fun yourself.


How to Read a Bingo Call Board.

If you want to know how to read a Bingo call board, you’ve come to the right place! While a lot of people think this is simple and that anyone can do it, you really need to know what you’re doing so you don’t end up making all the bingo players mad. There’s nothing worse than a room full of people who are upset with you because you don’t know how to call a Bingo game correctly! In all seriousness, we’re going to break it down so it’s easy for you.

bingo caller

How a Bingo Caller Reads a Bingo Call Board.

Here’s a look at the specific steps you want to take so that you can read a Bingo call board correctly.

  • Number of Balls – The first thing you need to know is whether you’re playing 75 ball Bingo or 90 ball Bingo. Obviously, one uses 15 more balls, but it also changes the way you’re going to read the call board because each bingo machine will be set-up slightly differently.

  • 75 Ball Bingo – For this style of the game, the call board will be five rows deep. Each letter – BINGO – will have 15 numbers that go with it. So, the B will have numbers one through fifteen and so on.

  • 90 Ball Bingo – For this version, the call board is going to be set up a little differently, so you’ll want to be careful. You’ll have 15 more balls to worry about, so the board will be a little different than in the 75 ball version.

  • Clear Voice – When calling out the numbers, you want to make sure you have a clear voice. Be sure to repeat the combination at least a couple times so that everyone has a chance to hear you.

  • The Winner – You’re going to have to keep your eyes open for the first person to raise their board and shout out Bingo. This is an important part of the process and you don’t want to mess it up.

  • Remember the Lights – On most Bingo call boards, you’re going to have lights that will signify the past numbers you have called. This is good for helping people catch up if they answer the phone or get behind for another reason. So, when acting as bingo caller, don’t forget this crucial step.

It’s really not that difficult to read a Bingo call board. Keeping the above points in mind, you’re going to be able to call out the numbers with the best of them. After a few games, you’re going to think that you’re a pro bingo caller! Remember to make the bingo players happy at all times because without them you won’t be doing it again!

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